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Caerwys Town Hall

Officials and Contact Details for the Town Hall Trustees
(To Book the Town Hall and for enquiries – please contact Sue dePrez)
(Registered Charity Number 501027)

Chair of Town Hall Trustees
Carys Biddle
Tel: 07716 – 790705

Treasurer & Secretary to the Trustees
Sue dePrez
Tel: 07872 428990

The Town Hall was upgraded in 1986/87, mainly through funding from the then Delyn Borough Council. The Hall is of multi-use both during the daytime and evening. Weekly bookings include classes in Martial Arts, Yoga, Pilates and Children’s dance, and the Hall is also booked for fundraising activities and for local groups such as the Caerwys Historical Society and committees to meet. There are increased numbers of bookings for birthday and children’s parties, private functions and a series of craft fairs. The Hall is the venue for regular events, such as the ABC Drama production, Historical Society Lectures, Mayor’s Civic Sunday Reception, together with the popular Brains, Skill & Chance annual competition and a series of film nights. It is also used by the Local Member of Parliament and Assembly Member to hold their constituency surgeries, and as a Polling Station during local and national elections.

The Hall has kitchen facilities, together with crockery for over 100 people. The kitchen can be turned into a fully fitted bar where necessary (subject to the usual licensing requirements). The Hall has a stage system that can be tailored to various sizes, together with a public address system and ceiling height stage lighting equipment.

In 1874 money was donated to the town of Caerwys towards the building of a ‘ Caerwys Room ‘ and a further donation was provided towards setting up of a ‘ Workingmen’s Institute ‘. However, both these donations were eventually placed together and with further funding raised by public subscription, it was decided to build a Public Hall. The agreement was that the building would belong to the people of Caerwys and the running and upkeep to be administered by a Committee of Trustees. At the present time the Caerwys Town Hall is still administered by trustees, who are local people from the community, together with town council representation. The six stone tablets that are sunk into the frontage of the Town Hall  –  which are situated underneath and alongside the windows. The tablets were erected in appreciation of the then substantial donations provided in 1885.

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