Coat of Arms

Caerwys Town Coat of Arms & Mayor’s Chain of Office

Caerwys Town Coat of Arms
The Caerwys Coat of Arms consists of a shield divided horizontally with the representation of Caerwys Cross in the upper portion and a dragon rampant in the lower. The arguments put forward to the College of Arms to justify this unusual design, were that the Cross was recorded in history and that the Bards composed their odes in the shadow of the ash tree at the Caerwys Eisteddfod of 1568 – which was held under the commission of Queen Elizabeth 1, dated October 1567. The dragon was significant of Caerwys, as the only Welsh Borough of Norman creation in 1290. The crest surmounting the shield has a representation of the Mostyn harp ( of the 1568 Eisteddfod ) rising out of a bardic crown. Such terms as ‘ bardic crown ’ are unknown in heraldry, which led to long correspondence and many discussions about the drafting of the official blazon. The final draft accepted for the Letters Patent, are as follows;
“ Or, a Dragon rampant and on a Chief Gules a representation of the Ash Tree called Caerwys Cross proper. And for the Crest, on a Wreath of the Colours, out of an ancient Crown Or, a representation of the Caerwys Eisteddfod Harp, Argent ”
The motto on the bottom of the Crest is ‘ Tannau Arian – Geiriau Arian, meaning Silver Strings ( Inspire ) Silver Words.
The Letters Patent in respect of the new Coat of Arms were presented to the Town, on the same day that the Cross was re-erected in the Town Square. The Earl of Plymouth, hereditary Lord of the Manor of Caerwys, planted a tree to replace the trees which had from time immemorial been in Caerwys.

The Mayor’s Chain of Office.
When the new Caerwys Town Council was formed under the local government reorganisation in 1974, the first Mayor was appointed. A short while after a small group of local residents formed a Committee and named themselves – The Mayor’s Chain Committee. This group of people pledged that before the end of the present Mayor’s term of office, they would raise enough money to purchase a suitable Chain and Badge of Office. True to their words and in a matter of months in 1974, over £700.00 was raised and a local silversmith Kathleen Makinson, was commissioned to design and make the Badge and Chain. The badge and chain which are made from hallmark silver, is now priceless in terms to the Town of Caerwys and is envied by other Councils and Communities. The Badge and Chain was completed in 1975 and was dedicated to the Town in a Civic Service, held in St. Michael’s Parish Church on the 7th December. A second chain link and safety chain has been added on in recent years.

The original Mayor’s Chain of Office
Updated Mayor’s Chain

Eight symbols have been used in the Chain’s make up, each representing a piece of history of the Town of Caerwys and the community

Tree representing the tree that stood in the town centre, to mark the first eisteddfod in Caerwys
Church Tower representing a Church in Caerwys dating from the year 718; St.Michael’s has stood since 1184
Harp included in the links of the chain as a symbol of Caerwys’ association with the National Eisteddfodau
Plough representing the town’s association with agriculture
Prince of Wales Feathers
representing the town’s association with Welsh Princes in the 12 and 13th centuries
Y Ddraig Goch – Red Dragon
representing the granting of the Town Charter by King Edward 1 in 1290
Pinfold representing a former home for stray animals; this still stands in Drovers Lane and serves as a reminder of the town’s once famous fairs
Mill Wheel representing the mills at Afonwen, which once dominated the village