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The ABC Drama Club commenced in 1991, when a group of people from Afonwen, Babell and Caerwys (ABC) decided to form a committee. The play is usually staged in November, and held in the Caerwys Town Hall, with rehearsals beginning many months prior. Apart from the actors, there are many local people who help in other ways, such as with the costumes, stage effect, make up and lighting.

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Contact details for the ABC Drama Committee

Ann Marie Saunders
Tel: 07816 873190

Alice Wakefield

Phillip Parry
Tel: 01352 720547

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic and in accordance with Government guidelines there was no production held in 2020 & 2021. In 2022 a Queen’s Jubilee play was staged

ABC Drama Production – November 2019

Alice The Wonderland Year

Lewis Carroll’s classic ‘Alice in Wonderland’ was published in 1865. Parts of the story and soe of the characters are familiar even to those who have never read it. The sequel ‘Through the Looking Glass’ was published six years later. Charles Dodgson (Carroll’s real name) was ordained as an Anglican priest.
This play takes the form of a radio interview with sone of the main characters in the story, interspersed with extracts from an 1898 adaption of the story into a play by someone known only as SSB.

Warning: Anyone wanting a serious appraisal of Alice in Wonderland or who might be tempted to say ‘most of this is totally irrelevant and some of the references are not even to the right Alice’ should look away now !

Cast in order of appearance

Prologue: Tom Hope-Parry
Presenter: Ben Wheelhouse
Alice: Caitlin Jackson
White Rabbit: Chrissie Clews
Duchess / Cook: Erica Burney
Cards: Esme Hall / Rowan Stone / Amelia Thomas / Hattie Williams
Queen of Hearts: Annmaria Jones
Mad Hatter: Tom Hope-Parry
March Hare: Liz Holland
Dormouse: Haf Read
King of Hearts: Michael Berry
Rev. Charles Dodgson: Mick Hawes
Tweedledee: Rusty Jenkins
Tweedledum: Justy Renkins

Soloist: Alice Ward
Accompanist: Tim Biddle

Sound & lights: George Gallagher
Props supervisor: Sarah Read

Set Construction: Steve Wilson / Malcolm Pulford
Director: David Grieve

Written & Complied by: Mick Hawes

Programme cover

Congratulations to the four girls playing the cards
In the 2019-20 Full Length Play Competition the CCTA (Clwyd Community Theatre Association) made a panel award to: The pack of four playing cards. ‘Well disciplined, confident and good team work’.

The Cards with Duchess Erica

Cards: Amelia Thomas / Rowan Stone / (Duchess Erica in the centre) / Hattie Williams / Esme Hall